Summary Update

Hi all!

It’s been a long time since I don’t write a technical article here but that doesn’t mean I have abandoned this or game developing, quite the contrary! Many things have happened in this past year. Alejandro and I have been working intensively on our games and most of my blogging efforts have gone to 2Awesome Studio and Dimension Drive sites. If you have not been there you should definitely check it! So what has happened in all this time? The biggest news is that I have become a proud father of an incredible little boy. Amazing to live what entails being a father and the responsibility that this brings. The second most important thing is that we have officially setup 2Awesome Studio as a dutch company. This didn’t just came out the blue. All the events since January 2014 have lead to this.

For starters we attended the Global Game Jam in Amsterdam in January. And we developed a prototype in full 2D using the new Unity 2D tools in just 48h. A very exhausting but incredible experience. A bit of advice: attend game jams if you can. We met some cool people there and with some of them we decided to work on the prototype and turn it into a more polished demo together workin on it a couple more months. We are actually partnering now with one artist and musician that we met at the game jam to develop a full 2D game (Energy Rush).


Next we decided to attend the Indievelopment and showcase our two games there. It went great, and besides all the good feedback we got there, the great guys at Indietopia invited us to showcase also at the IndieGameleon conference. Not only that, we did our very first gamedev presentation as speakers. The topic “From Game Jam to Actual Game”, you can download the presentation here.

Many more things have happenned: we have showcased at Barcelona in the 1st PAD Congress, we have submitted Dimension Drive to Indiecade and the GDC Europe innovate games showcase (fingers crossed), we are going to Epicon conference next week and we’ll be also at GDC Europe this August! In summary, 2Awesome Studio and our games (Dimension Drive and Energy Rush) are really taking off!

It has been a tremendous effort to keep up with all of this besides my full time job at ESA and the responsibilities of being a new father. But it has definitely been worth it!

I will not repeat on this site all the individual posts that I already wrote at our studio site. Instead, I will keep this site just to provide small tutorials, and personal news. Stay tunned for future updates, more coming soon!


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