Dimension Drive

Engine: Unity3D

Language: C#

Source: Not available (commercial game)

Binary (Win32): Get the latest public beta here


Dimension Drive is a fast shoot’em up where you play 2 games at the same time! Dimension Drive has been developed to be played with gamepad or keyboard and can be played on PC, MAC, and Linux (other platforms are in study).

Millennia ago, the Ashajuls conquered their universe thanks to warp drives that allowed them to travel instantly. The universe is composed of infinite dimensions and now the Ashajuls want to conquer them all with a fleet equipped with dimension drives. The Fliegende is a legendary ship capable of performing warp and dimension jumps while being small enough for a single pilot. You are Jackeline Tywood, captain of the Fliegende. Do you have what it takes to stop the Ashajul fleet from conquering your universe?


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